Monday, October 1, 2012


It is election year!! Which means, it is time to VOTE!

Listen I am not big on politics, I actually tend to stay away from that topic. I tend to only listen here and there to the presidential elections, read up on what they are up to and sometimes discuss it with Mauricio. Other than that, I don't say anything else about them. However, I do believe that it is extremely important to vote. I am not going to sit here and say go vote for Obama or for Romney, I simply think you should go vote! After all, it is your voice, why not be heard?

If you are over the age of 18 and are NOT yet registered... then go register!! If you are in Florida you only have a few days left, nine to be exact. Anywhere else, check it out online. But get involved. Place your vote! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Someone NOT like you....

I was about listening to Adele today, when the song "Someone Like You" started to play, of course I started singing to it, as if I was Adele herself. However, midpoint in, as I sang the lyrics, "I wish nothing but the best for you..." I found that I had stopped singing. The lyrics finally registered. Hold on Adele, but I don't think I agree. Actually, I do not agree at all. Why would I want to find someone like my ex? I mean, it didn't work out with him for a reason, which only means I want someone BETTER than him. No? As Adele sings, she mentions how he has moved on, found someone else, she even goes about blaming herself for things that the new girl in his life is giving him that she didn't! I mean, come on, really!  

Listen ladies, if your ex has moved on and for some reason, like Adele, for you it isn't over, don't ever settle for someone like him. There is a reason it did not work out, even if he was the one who left you! Think of it, if he left it's because he couldn't appreciate everything about you, so if you choose someone like him, GUESS WHAT?! That person won't appreciate the same thing either. If anything, thank your ex, for I assure you that you will realize with time that he did you a favor.

I don't know, maybe it's my age or maybe it's the relationship I am in now that makes me realize how nice it is to be fully appreciated and to know, no matter what, that you are loved by simply being you. So, women as we age and we grow let us learn that we should never settle for nothing but perfect! This goes for love as well as life.

Friday, July 27, 2012

My Recent Love Story...

Hello! It's been some time. But as always, I am back. I am like that fly in your room that just won't go away. Sorry, you guys are stuck with me. But admit it... you love it!

I have blogged about people I am closest to in the past, the ones who I love dearly and know me best. However, it dawns on me, as I sit in the kitchen table, waiting for my boyfriend to come home, that I have not written about him. My Mauricio. I'll admit are relationship didn't have that start that many love stories tend to have. You know the basic story of the boy who meets girl, they have spark, they start dating and soon shortly they are in love and have their happily ever after. No, not for us... but nonetheless- we do have the love part.

I admit, since the first day they introduced me to him at work, I was attracted. I thought he was cute, but now, if you were to tell me then (2 years ago) that I would be madly in love with him I would have laughed out loud. But then is that not the funny thing of life, the unexpected is always creeping up. 

One of our first dates

We started, we ended and we started again. The truth was we just could not get enough of each other. I loved him what felt like immediately (past blogs you could read me speaking about "him") and before I knew it, I just didn't ever want to lose him. It is like he just sneaked in when I least expected it but when I most needed it. Now, after a year and half, here I am... in a home I call ours, a bed I share every night and a kitchen I cook for him as often as I can. I love him, from the way he gets ready in the mornings, to the way he gives me his annoyed look when I comment on something he hates. However, most importantly, I love how we laugh together, how he takes care of me and how protected I feel because not only is he mine, but I am his. 

Our one year anniversary

Like I once blogged, I had seen a movie (A Bronx Tale) where they mention three great loves in ones life. Well, here is my number three and my hope that he will love me as I love him for the rest of this life. 

Enough of the cheesiness guys. Just wanted to share my recent love story and just to mention to never take for granted the one who loves you. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

HE has no Friends...

I have done past blogs on certain famous women with a tad of... really bad fashion, in which I  have titled those blogs "She has no Friends." This blog, is a bit like that.

I am sure many of you are now paying attention to the new NBA players that are being drafted into teams for the next season. There is one player that stands out more- for many maybe because of how great of a player he is... for me, because of his eyebrows. Or should I say eyebrow- no plural needed.

Anthony Davis, who has recently been picked to play with the Hornets. Congratulations, but somehow his unibrow is stealing all his show. Now, this makes me wonder... has he never had a girlfriend? Or some real friends? Because let us be a little real, that unibrow is not pretty. Some friends would have to have tried, at least I hope and a girlfriend or two must have begged. So, why does he still have it? Did they all fail miserably or did they just not care enough to be a bit more persistent? However, Davis, please... do us all a favor now that you will be playing with the big boys and do something about this. I would hate to miss one of your great plays because I am so easily distracted by that amount of hair that connects above yours eyes.

Thank you.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Heat Fans

Yesterday's game of The Miami Heat vs The Boston Celtics was incredible. Lebron and Wade were all over that court! Although, Wade and James were not the only ones on that court. It was a team effort and each player played the best they could and because of that we won the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals! But, this blog is not to mention the obvious. We all know that The Heat are amazing. Now, as for the fans, I don't think I can say the same. I am bothered that as I watch the game from home, comfortable in the couch and with the boyfriend, I noticed some fans leaving the stadium, with still three minutes left of the fourth quarter! I understand that we knew by that point that the game was won; however, there are still three minutes left! I find it so disrespectful towards our players, they are out there giving their all and us as fans should admire it. I understand that traffic after an event is crazy, but if you are paying to watch this game, to feel the rush of each basket being made, might as well watch it to the very ending. A true fan, would stay till the end. Miami, let's be true and stay to the end. Let us not be the type of fans that are only fans when are team is winning. Think about it. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Girl on Fire

I have this knack for reading. I love it. It's something that just takes my mind away and I admit I enjoy reading young adult novels. A trilogy that I have read recently is Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games. If you watched the movie, then you sort of understand the meaning behind this story. However, if you did enjoy the movie- I recommend the books!! Even if you haven't seen the movie, go ahead and watch it, but don't stop from reading the books. Or you could do what I did, read the books first and then enjoyed the movie. 

The book is based on the future, a world that has been destroyed by humans and war. They now live in 12 different districts, all commanded by the Capitol. In each different distract something is created or made. Example, district 12, the one our protagonist Katniss lives in is where coal is distributed from. Mostly everyone is poor, going hungry as time passes. This is the life that has been happening for years and no one knows any better. Seventy four years ago after one of the districts (#13- Nuclear District) decided to go against the Capitol and lost, the Hunger Games started. These games are of kids ages 12 to 18, a boy and girl from each district, that get chosen through a raffle and then placed in a arena to fight till the death. Throughout the arena cameras are hidden, the whole performance is recorded and the world is watching. The last one to survive, the victor, will live a life of riches in their district and for the rest of the year, the district will not starve and will be looked after. Nice reward, is it not? Almost like the time of the Gladiators, where slaves were forced to fight to the death, all to keep viewers entertained and to remind everyone who in fact still had the power.  

This story, as most nowadays, is about a the girl that always considered herself somewhat invisible but somehow is spectacular. Of course their is a love triangle that goes about all three books, but this isn't the story that matters- the love between Katniss and Peeta or Katniss and Gale is not the moral of this tale. This trilogy is not about who Katniss loves more or who she will end up with; even though it is a part that you can't help but wonder, but instead it's about the world and that one person can be the inspiration for something better. 

Go! Read the books, I promise you won't be disappointed.  And if you have read it, tell me what you think! Tweet to me @evyzdreams, I would love to hear your intake on the story of the girl on fire.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

God is not Religion

Recently I was asked if I was religious, not so much religious as if I believed in God. I nodded, but the confused look that my face must have worn made her ask the question again. This time I uttered the word yes. Either she believed it or she just decided to stop asking. But that question for some reason, hours, even days and weeks later still haunted me. 

Look, I don't think I was ever the religious type. I mean, when I was younger my mother would tell me the Catholic stories such as the birth of Jesus and the three wise men or of Adam and Eve and Noah and the large ark that God asked him to build, I guess then maybe I believed a little. But as time passed and I grew older I started believing less on the stories that Catholic Church would tell us (note: I never really went to church unless it was because of a wedding), you know the stories about us being born in sin and basically the rest of our lives we will be seeking to make right. All the punishments that would be placed upon us for breaking any of the many sins that they have listed and if you didn't ask for forgiveness a hot and dark eternity waits for you in the afterlife... I just didn't bite. Nevertheless, I would still say I was a Catholic whenever someone would ask me, just for the reason that I wouldn't know what to say. Could I say I wasn't religious? So did that make me an atheist to the one who asked?  

It wasn't until I got to college and decided to minor in religion that the little I believed was diminished. At first, I joined the classes to learn about other religions and not only about Catholics; however, the more learning I did the more I realized that religion is man driven. Men that wanted power, men that wanted to control and by doing so used God as their weapon.

The funny thing about learning and becoming more involved with something is that the more I learned the more interested I became. I admit, college made me less religious, actually it made me not be religious at all, but to learn about other beliefs was fascinating. I love to talk to others about their beliefs, to see what drives them to be believers or why they are religious or why they are not. That is probably why I am sharing my story with you guys, because I try really not to get into my views with people, scared that I would offend. Just like when I told my mother I didn't believe in religion she was in shock. She, of course, went on to say she doesn't understand how I can't be religious and what has happened to me that I am so different from my sisters. She would even tell me she doesn't understand how I studied it in college and yet still don't believe. I never had the nerve to tell her I always doubted religion and that school was in fact the reason that made me lose any small drop of religious i still had. On the other hand, now when I mention God my mother and sisters for some reason always have to say something about me not believing in God. This annoys me. I said I didn't believe in religion, not that I didn't believe in God. No it is not the same thing... not at all. 

So, while I believe religious to be a sham, I do believe that God does exist. Don't get me wrong guys, I do believe in God or of a higher being of some sort. I mean after all, something had to bring forth the bacteria that started life on our planet. I do even at times find myself praying. God is not religion. That is something that I wish many would understand. 

*Please note this is my opinion, I respect everyone and their beliefs.*