Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Heat Fans

Yesterday's game of The Miami Heat vs The Boston Celtics was incredible. Lebron and Wade were all over that court! Although, Wade and James were not the only ones on that court. It was a team effort and each player played the best they could and because of that we won the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals! But, this blog is not to mention the obvious. We all know that The Heat are amazing. Now, as for the fans, I don't think I can say the same. I am bothered that as I watch the game from home, comfortable in the couch and with the boyfriend, I noticed some fans leaving the stadium, with still three minutes left of the fourth quarter! I understand that we knew by that point that the game was won; however, there are still three minutes left! I find it so disrespectful towards our players, they are out there giving their all and us as fans should admire it. I understand that traffic after an event is crazy, but if you are paying to watch this game, to feel the rush of each basket being made, might as well watch it to the very ending. A true fan, would stay till the end. Miami, let's be true and stay to the end. Let us not be the type of fans that are only fans when are team is winning. Think about it. 

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  1. AGREED! i think most people get caught up in the hype of the playoffs and only then will they follow the heat.

    but winners or losers, i love rooting for the home team. i think the only think i never have is when i lived briefly in boston.