Saturday, June 30, 2012

HE has no Friends...

I have done past blogs on certain famous women with a tad of... really bad fashion, in which I  have titled those blogs "She has no Friends." This blog, is a bit like that.

I am sure many of you are now paying attention to the new NBA players that are being drafted into teams for the next season. There is one player that stands out more- for many maybe because of how great of a player he is... for me, because of his eyebrows. Or should I say eyebrow- no plural needed.

Anthony Davis, who has recently been picked to play with the Hornets. Congratulations, but somehow his unibrow is stealing all his show. Now, this makes me wonder... has he never had a girlfriend? Or some real friends? Because let us be a little real, that unibrow is not pretty. Some friends would have to have tried, at least I hope and a girlfriend or two must have begged. So, why does he still have it? Did they all fail miserably or did they just not care enough to be a bit more persistent? However, Davis, please... do us all a favor now that you will be playing with the big boys and do something about this. I would hate to miss one of your great plays because I am so easily distracted by that amount of hair that connects above yours eyes.

Thank you.

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